Coming Soon: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions for the Distracted, Disorganized or Chaotic Child

A Parenting Series to Promote Independence and Order

Presented in conjunction with Sensational Brain

As a parent or caregiver, have you ever wished that you could get to the core reasons why your child is challenged with time, organization, or emotional control?

Do you KNOW your child is bright and capable, and yet disorganized notebooks, lost assignments, and anxiety surrounding tests get in the way of success?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could discern the difference between WON’T and CAN’T when it comes to attitude and behavior?

Did you know that what you see as defiance may actually be decreased motivation and mounted frustration that are greatly impacting a child’s perception of success?

Sign up today for this resource-packed 4 week webinar series and get to the ROOT CAUSES of your child’s challenges.

Help children achieve success by learning how to establish routines and develop strategies to eliminate endless cycles of frustration and failure.  Discover how to ensure these strategies stick!!

Within this series, you will discover lots of  EASY, IMMEDIATELY USABLE strategies to help kids with organizing space, materials and time. Learning what is behind these struggles is the key to making lasting change!

Enhance your parenting by implementing simple changes in communication styles that lead to independence eliminating frustration and improving motivation.

Each week’s 90 minute webinar will include bountiful resources to get your child or student on the right track!  (suggested books, apps, etc)

This workshop series, designed specifically to meet the need of busy parents and caregivers, cuts quickly to the core areas of need for children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory and Sensory Processing Disorders, and many other areas of extra need.

The flexible, weekly webinar format allows for multiple flexibility.  Register for one, or better yet, attend them all for maximum learning and a discounted price!  The webinar format allows for busy schedules and the ever-present need for parents to be flexible, so if one time doesn’t work you can catch it at a later time!  Lori Benson Adams, M.Ed., an Educational Intervention Specialist, national presenter,  and parent of a child with learning differences, provides over 6 hours of action-packed ideas and advice for a fraction of the cost of one:one educational consultation.  Join us to gain strategies for creating a calmer home and more successful child!


Week One:

Understanding the Nature of the Distracted, Disorganized or Chaotic Child (Part One:  Breakthrough Parenting Series)

The frustration is real, for both of you!  You know your child is bright and capable, and yet he or she struggles daily with organizing items, space and emotions.  Have you ever questioned how some children just seem to “get it”, and then some struggle with some of the most basic tasks, such as remembering chores or to study for tests?  This class will offer not only an overview of what underlies these challenges, but also immediate tools for shifting perspectives from frustration to instruction.  In the first course of the series, we will:

  • Learn about executive functioning skills:  the skills that get us through the day, and how they impact every area of life
  • Identify which children are at risk in this area and why
  • Tips for telling the difference between “wont” behaviors vs. “can’t “ behaviors
  • Examine the roles of opposition, defiance, motivation and overwhelm
  • Discover simple tools for identifying why your child struggles with organizing emotions as well as

Week Two:

The Social-Emotional Side:  Understanding Impulsivity, Self-Control and Self-Regulation (Part Two:  Breakthrough Parenting Series)

The ability to control one’s emotions and actions is paramount for success in school, relationships, and life in general.  However, many of our children seem to live in a “act first, think later”  mode that leads to challenges with friends, teachers and even parents.  This class will get to the heart of what impulsivity is, as well as immediate, simple strategies for teaching “think first” behavior.  In the second course of the series, we will:

  • Discuss what causes impulsivity and distractibility and how to begin managing it
  • Discover self-control from the inside out, and how and where to begin teaching self-regulation
  • Learn the basics of behavior:  3 easy steps to establishing a strengths-based behavior program for your child
  • Key points for fostering positive self-esteem and increased sense of competence in new or tough settings

Week Three:

It’s about Time, It’s about Space: Beating Clutter and Meeting Deadlines! (Part Three:  Breakthrough Parenting Series)

Little is as disheartening as watching a child labor over homework, only to lose it or leave it on the kitchen counter!  Children with attention, learning and social challenges are often at great risk of struggling with organization of time and space.  Using immediate tools to beat the clutter blues, the third installment of our parenting series will help you:

  • Obtain strategies for building time awareness and time estimation
  • Learn how to teach backwards planning, chunking and task-analysis to meet deadlines and due dates
  • Discover the incredible power of using visual supports for organizing space
  • Implement tips for setting up systems for rooms, backpacks and notebooks

Week Four:

Moving Towards Independence (Part Four: Breakthrough Parenting Series)

As parents, our ultimate goal is to raise happy, healthy and independent adults.  It is often a struggle to balance being assertive regarding your child’s needs with working within systems which can feel overwhelming and complicated.  And not only do we as parents need to learn to speak up, but we need to teach our children to advocate for themselves, as well.  Through insight, humor and compassion, our final installment in the parenting series will help you :

  • Learn to assess your child’s current educational setting:  what leads to a successful education
  • Discover how to advocate for your child academically, socially and physically
  • Gain tools to teach your child self-advocacy
  • Establish life-long habits for health and wellness
  • Secure resources for support/advice/legal support etc.

Lori Benson Adams, M.Ed., has over 30 years of experience working with children with a wide range of learning and attention challenges.  Her background includes over a decade as a special education teacher, early intervention specialist, independent consultant, and public speaker.  She is the owner of Breakthrough Learning Solutions, a company directed at sharing the most cutting-edge information with parents and educators.  She is the parent of a child with learning challenges, and has experienced first-hand the need for a positive, strengths-based approach to helping our children reach success!