Breakthrough Parenting Solutions Are HERE!

Parents, does your child:

  • Struggle with following directions?
  • Forget instructions?
  • Lose important items regularly?
  • Have a hard time controlling emotions (irritable, angry, overly silly)?
  • Do homework, but forget to turn it in?
  • Need constant reminding to complete routine chores and tasks?
  • Interrupt, blurt out in class, have a hard time taking turns?

If so, it’s critical to understand that these struggles are far less about poor character, and much more about missing SKILLS~!

Executive Functioning Skills are the skills we use constantly throughout our day, the skills that allow us to pay attentionplan out timeset goalsaccomplish taskscontrol emotions,  and remember information.  They are the “hidden curriculum” that play heavily into a child’s success both in school and in life. For most of us, these skills develop naturally.  But for children with ADHD and learning challenges, these skills often significantly impact their ability to reach their fullest potential.  No matter how bright or academically capable a child may be, without the ability to prioritize, organize and develop systems for tracking time and paper, or get along well with teachers and classmates, their potential may remain untapped.
They are essential to the success and independence of each person.
If the above sounds like your child,  Coaching For Learning and Life may be the answer to your prayers!

COACHING  is a child-centered intervention that helps children and teens develop these skills in a structured, guided, and compassionate setting, leading to greater success in every day life!  It is ideal for parents of children in grades k-5, and for children directly in grades 6-college.

PARENTS:  Would you like your child to:

Complete and turn in homework independently?

Manage long-term projects and due-dates without the last minute panic?

Develop a range of study habits that promote independence and academic success?

Organize notebooks, lockers and bedrooms?

Learn to prioritize time and tasks?

Establish homework routines that make life easier for all involved?

Gain self-confidence and get out of negative self-esteem cycles?

Coaching can do this and SO MUCH MORE!  And with the gift of technology, children from all across the country can access sessions through facetime, SKype and GoToMeeting.  Don’t let distance stand between you and your child’s greatest year ever!

Contact Lori Adams, M.Ed., today to see if coaching is the missing link to your child’s success!

Lori is a graduate of the JST Coaching Teens and Young Adults program

 Additional Services Offered:
Educational Assessment
Direct Intervention
Academic and ADHD Coaching (Coaching for Learning and Life)
Webinars and Parent Courses


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