Classes and Webinars

Interested in discovering how mindfulness can help children with calm, focus, creativity and a sense of increased self-confidence?  Learn more about our Learning Lotus initiative, offering classes for children, parents and professionals on-line and in person!

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Learning Lotus®: Cultivating Calm and Compassionate Kids

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Webinars offered in partnership with!

Approved for AOTA and  ASHA CEUs.  Certificates stating contact hours offered through Sensational Brain for all attendees

Available On-Demand:

Executive Functioning Skills in Children and Teens (2 hours)

An Executive View of Poor Impulse Control, Motivation and Self-Regulation (2 hours)

Breakthrough Solutions for the Chronically Disorganized Child (1 hour)

Building Time Awareness and Time Usage in Children and Teens (2 hours)

Assessing and Goal Development of Executive Functioning Skill (1.5 hours)

Using Apps to Support Poor Executive Functioning Skills (1 hour)

Understanding Dysgraphia (1.5 hours)

ADHD 101:  Updates in Research and Resources (2 hours)

An Executive Functioning View of Poor Impulse Control, Motivation and Self-Regulation (2 hours)

Creating Time Awareness and Time Usage Skills in Children (2 hours)

Dyspraxia, Developmental Coordination Disorder and School (On-Demand coming soon)

Dysgraphia Foundations (formerly Dysgraphia in Children and Teens) (2 hours)

Supports for the Chronically Disorganized Student

Play as a Tool for Building Executive Functions

Playful Learning: Using Games to Enhance Processing Skills and Executive Functions